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Water Flood Damage Restoration

We are a leading water damage company. We use efficient equipment and techniques for water damage restoration and offer a fast response time for both residential and commercial clients. Your water damage emergency is important to us! We have performed many cleanups that saved property owners more costs. Call us today!

Owning Property in Beautiful Miami

The history of Miami, Florida, began in 1567. That’s when the Spaniards started a mission there. They found a settlement of the Tequesta Indians. It was over 2,000 years old. At that time, it is likely they dealt with water damage in their homes. Today, 2.7 million Miami-Dade residents face possible flooding. Assess your risk for water damage resulting from flood water. Know which experts in water flood damage restoration to trust. Also, we are at high risk for natural disasters from May to November.

Understanding Water Flood Damage

Most of Florida is near sea level. The water is just under the ground where the home or building sits. If there is extra rain or precipitation, flooding can occur. Tropical weather causes flood damage. Wind and rain enter the structure through the roof, walls, and windows. What’s more, water can enter through doorways and cracks in the foundation. Once water penetrates, you need rapid mitigation. With excess moisture, watch for mold, pests, and other problems. Water also damages floors, walls, furniture, and possessions. No property owner wants to assess flood water damage after a storm.

Documenting the Damage to Your Home or Building

After a disaster happens, property owners start calling Miami’s water damage restoration firms. Like you, they want an estimator to arrive ASAP. We inspect the types of water damage and the affected areas. Also, we suggest processes for stopping the problem. In the end, water damage restoration services return your building to normal.

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How to Mitigate Water Damage in Your house or basement

Water damage happens in a flash. You need fast emergency responses. A sewer problem, storm damage, or a burst pipe can spread water throughout the building. Also, if you don’t know what to look for, you can miss water damage. First, contact your water damage restoration provider and schedule a service call. Then, try these self-help tips:

  • Disconnect power sources near the water pooling in the building.
  • Block off hazardous areas to foot traffic.
  • Shut off the A/C unit and crank all windows open for more ventilation.
  • Remove rugs, carpets, and cushions to a dry spot to air out.
  • Remove items from walls, floors, and furniture surfaces. Your family’s belongings can sustain damage when the restoration team arrives.
  • Use old towels or a mop to get extra moisture off the floor.
  • Dry furniture with a towel.
  • Use plastic or vinyl to protect furniture legs from wet floors.

Sudden and accidental water damage can happen quickly. Fast response from a professional restoration company can immediately begin reversing the damage.

Our Repair & Restoration Process

Mitigating water damage is a big problem. If you don’t remove the water ASAP, more damage can happen. Then it is harder to restore the property. Call the trained specialists at our company. Our team of certified technicians uses high-tech equipment. We pride ourselves on superior service. Also, we believe no water damage should be ignored. Without a Miami water damage restoration company on your side, it’s hard to fix the damage.

1) Emergency Contact

Find local experts in water damage restoration. We will need your contact information. This includes your name, telephone number, property insurance, cause of water damage, and power supply status. We need this information to assign a pro to assist ASAP. If no electricity is available, we will make a plan for that.

2) Inspection and Damage Assessment

Our water damage restoration Miami professionals find the water source and stop it. This gets tricky. We decide if the moisture is clean water, greywater, or black water. If there is human waste in the water, such as sewage backup, then our precautions are different. We also block your furniture from direct contact with the water (in case it can be saved).

3) Water Removal / Water Extraction

Our property restoration in Miami experts arrive to perform emergency water removal. Some homes have thousands of gallons of water flooding them. In other cases, we use a vacuum to remove water in one day. We pump it into a restoration truck and take it away.

4) Drying and Dehumidification

Our restoration experts do calculations based on the square footage and room dimensions. Then, we select the number of air movers and dehumidifiers needed. This is called water extraction. The drying-out process stops mold and pest growth. These are bad for air quality. Don’t postpone water damage repair. That’s not good for your family’s health. Without drying equipment and air movement, we can’t dry the walls, furniture, carpets, and pads. If you don’t dry the building out, these contents can swell. This would mean more repairs. Let our restoration technicians recommend all processes to protect your property.

5) Cleaning and Sanitizing

Where there is water buildup, there can be mold, bacteria, and viruses. There can be remnants of sewage. You need comprehensive water damage cleanups. Our water damage restoration company uses different methods. We disinfect, spray and wipe, deep clean, sanitize, and fog inside to remove germs and odors. We also remove waste, so your family is not at risk upon your return.

6) Repair & Restoration

When we survey where water damaged the building, we might suggest a move out. This means packing your stuff and staying elsewhere. Your home isn’t safe until the water damage repair is complete. Even if drying is quick, you must fix water damage. Ask about drywall repairs, tile and hardwood floor fixes, new paint, and new carpet. Also, we do the paperwork. We want your insurance to pay for your claim.

Emergency Water Damage Miami

Why should you use our water damage company?

Water Damage Restoration Miami

What does The Insured's Bill of Rights Includes:

Just because you’ve got insurance doesn’t mean you must use the water damage Miami experts they prefer. Choose a provider of water damage restoration in Miami that meets your needs. Not every commercial restoration company is best for the job.

  • Read the Florida Homeowners Claims Bill of Rights here.
  • Inform your Miami insurance company of damage restoration services as soon as possible. Expect a response within 14 days. An insurance carrier must explain the claim status. Is it fully covered, partly covered, denied, or under investigation?
  • Keep records of 24/7 emergency services including water damage restoration services and flood damage cleanup.
  • Use a Miami damage restoration contractor who is licensed and insured in Florida.
  • Read the contract to find your out-of-pocket costs. Water restoration is not cheap.
  • Don’t use water damage vendor in Miami suggested by the insurance agent. This can result in contractors doing an incomplete job. Don’t allow your home or building to be worse than it was before the flood.

Frequently asked questions

You can see dark or wet spots on ceilings, walls, and floors. You might notice a damp or musty smell. You can see cracking, flaking, or bubbling on surfaces that are usually hard and smooth.

Water restoration can’t begin until the building is dry. We use infrared equipment to identify areas of water damage inside the walls.

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