Frequently asked questions

Before our team gets there, start by turning off your circuit breakers. If your flood happens as the result of a burst pipe, shut off your water valve as well. Open windows and turn on your fans to start drying out your space. Move items that are most susceptible to damage out of the way.

Water Damage Kings takes calls 24/7. We know time is of the essence when it comes to water damage, so we make sure to respond as quickly as possible. In many cases, we’ll respond in person in just a few hours.

First, we’ll inspect your property and help you move items that are susceptible to damage. If necessary, we’ll extract sitting water from your property, and then we will use our drying equipment to air out the property. From there, we will sanitize the property and determine what needs to be repaired.

This depends on the severity of the water damage. Before we can start restoration, we will need to make sure your home is completely dry. This could take several days, depending on the weather and the severity of the flood. The restoration process could take an additional one to two weeks, but may vary.

While your home is drying, Water Damage Kings will periodically come to monitor the equipment to make sure it is working effectively. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may need to move out of your property temporarily.

The cost of a water damage repair varies depending on a number of factors. The extent of the damage, the size of your property, the types of repairs you need, and the amount of insurance you have can all affect the cost of your water damage cleanup.

Homeowner’s insurance covers water damage in many, but not all cases. Internal water damage is typically covered as long as it happens suddenly and is not the result of neglect. This means water damage as the result of a storm, burst pipes, an overflow, or damage to your roof would be covered, for example. Flooding is not usually covered under home insurance, but you can purchase separate flood insurance or a flood rider for extra coverage.

In short, no. While insurance companies can recommend their preferred contractor, they cannot require you to use them. The contractors that have preferred status with your insurance company don’t necessarily offer better service.

Water Damage Kings will always work with your insurance company to ensure that your claim is processed. We’re committed to helping you get the insurance coverage that you deserve.

You can see dark or wet spots on ceilings, walls, and floors. You might notice a damp or musty smell. You can see cracking, flaking, or bubbling on surfaces that are usually hard and smooth.

There are many different factors that can cause water damage. The most common cause of water damage is plumbing issues, such as a burst pipe or a leak. In some cases, water damage can be caused by problems with your household appliances, which can leak. Water damage is also common during storms, especially if you have clogged gutters or if your local sewage system backs up.

If the area or item in question is dry to the touch, it might be dry. Our team is here to help you determine when your home or business is truly dry.

Some water damaged furniture can be restored through drying. However, it is not always possible to restore furniture damaged by water.

In certain cases, such demolition is necessary to fully restore the compromised living or working space. If the damage is extensive, complete removal might be necessary to prevent mold growth.

Unplug sources of power. Open the windows to air out space. If the flood is the result of a busted pipe or other plumbing problem, turn off the flow of water. Reach out to our Denver water damage restoration team as soon as possible.

If the proper equipment is available, it is possible to vacuum flood water.

Possibly. However, letting your home dry on its own will take a long time. Furthermore, this hands-off approach greatly increases the chances of harmful mold growing throughout your home.

Only to a certain extent. Heat provided by a furnace is not optimal for drying a flooded Denver home or business. However, turning up the heat does slightly facilitate the drying process.

Some water damage occurs right away yet much of the damage occurs over time. It might take days or possibly even several weeks for the entirety of the damage to manifest.