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We are proud to be one of the most respected water damage restoration providers in all of Denver. We serve Denver-area homeowners as well as commercial enterprises. Let us handle your water flood damage project and you will find we are fast, efficient, and professional in every sense of the word. We use all the latest techniques to get your home or business back to normal as soon as possible. Reach out to us for water damage restoration in Denver, CO. Therefore, as soon as you find out water has breached your working or living space we will prioritize your service call. We will perform timely flood damage cleanup.

Owning Property in Gorgeous Denver

Denver’s history dates all the way back to 1858. Gold prospectors hailing from Lawrence, Kansas traveled to the area in search of gold. Denver is now the capital of Colorado. Perfectly positioned along the western portion of the High Plains, and to the east of the famous Rocky Mountains, Denver CO has more than 720,000 residents.

Unfortunately, some of its homes and businesses are located in flood prone areas. If you have not yet assessed your asset’s unique risk level for water damage from flooding, now is the time to do so. Our team is here to help in the aftermath of a flood, leak, or other water-related events at your house or business.

Understand the Risk of Water Damage

Denver homes and businesses have the potential to endure significant water damage. This can be a result of heavy rain, melting snow, flooding, and a broken pipe. Rain and wind can move through your home or business’s walls, roof, and windows. In fact, water can even move directly into your living space through foundation cracks and doors.
Once water is inside your property, timely mitigation is essential. Excessive moisture has the potential to cause significant damage to your realty. Also, it can lead to mold growth, pests, and additional costly issues. This is precisely why you need professional and timely water restoration.

Documenting the Damage to Your Home or Building

Don’t panic if disaster strikes at your asset. Instead, reach out to the leading water damage and restoration provider in Denver. Our crew will inspect the issue and take prompt action. We will mitigate the damage, restore your living or working space, and return the building to normal as soon as possible.

Denver Colorado

How to Mitigate Water Damage in Your house or basement

If water moves into your house or basement, be proactive. Aside from contacting our team for prompt assistance, you can do a couple of things to limit the damage. Remain calm, think quickly and you will have done your part to preserve your living or working space.

Disconnect all sources of power by the water that is pooling into your residential or commercial property. Apply vinyl or plastic to safeguard the bottom of your furniture. If the furniture is wet, dry it with a towel. Also, you can remove moisture from the floor with a mop or towels. It will also help to take down items from the walls to ensure they do not suffer damage.

Move cushions, carpets, and rugs to permit proper drying. Turn off the air conditioner unit. Open all the windows so air can move through your living or working space. Block all hazardous areas so your family members, guests, and others are not put in harm’s way.

Sudden and accidental water damage can happen quickly. Fast response from a professional restoration company can immediately begin reversing the damage.

Our Repair & Restoration Process

Water damage is not a DIY project. Rather, this is the type of challenge only the trained experts should attempt to handle. Our trained specialists are here to do the work on your behalf. Simply give us a call, let us know what happened. Our certified specialists will make a beeline to your realty. Hence, we will mitigate the water damage with our high-tech equipment. Put your faith in our team and you will not be disappointed.

1) Emergency Contact

Firstly, rely on the local water damage restoration experts in Denver to handle this problem on your behalf. Simply provide your name, contact information, cause of water damage, property insurance, and the status of your property’s power. We will assign a professional to handle your water damage mitigation. If electricity is not available, we will respond accordingly.

2) Inspection and Damage Assessment

The best water removal companies in Denver pinpoint the source of the water and stop it. We will determine if the moisture is clean water, black water, or greywater. Furthermore, our team will take the necessary precautions if there is human waste within the water. Our team will even block the furniture in your home so they do not become water-laden.

3) Water Removal / Water Extraction

Our water extraction team is here to conduct quick and effective water removal. Even if your home or business has thousands of gallons of water flowing through it, we can help. Alternatively, we can use a vacuum or another means. The water is pumped into a restoration truck and hauled away.

4) Drying and Dehumidification

Also, our team performs calculations with the square footage and room dimensions of your property in mind. This information helps us determine the number of dehumidifiers necessary for drying your living or working space. Therefore, we extract the water and dry your Denver realty to mitigate mold growth and pest infestations, both of which will compromise your living or working space. The moral of this story is to act quickly and decisively. Let our team get to work on your home and we will dry everything, ensure proper air flow, and minimize your costs across posterity.

5) Cleaning and Sanitizing

Mold, viruses, and bacteria have the potential to become significant problems when water accumulates. In some cases, sewage remnants are within the water. This is precisely why comprehensive water extraction and cleanup is necessary. Also, our Denver crew has a number of water damage services available. Therefore, we perform deep cleans, sanitize, disinfect, spray, and wipe down compromised spaces to eliminate odors, germs, etc.

6) Repair & Restoration

At last, our team will survey the areas where water compromised your building. It might be optimal for you to be away from the premises during this time. The bottom line is significant water damage makes your home unsafe to live in. Wait to move back in until the water damage repairs are complete. Our team of certified technicians will help with all the paperwork to facilitate payment of your claim by the insurance provider.

Water Damage Denver

Why should you use our Denver water damage company?

Water Damage Restoration in Denver CO

What does The Insured's Bill of Rights Includes:

There is no law stating you must use the water damage restoration team your insurance company favors. Rather, you should select a Denver water damage cleanup company that you favor. The bottom line is no two local water damage restoration companies in Denver are exactly the same.

  • Take a close look at the Colorado Homeowners Claims Bill of Rights
  • Notify the insurance provider of the work provided by our water damage company without delay. Anticipate a response within two weeks’ time. The insurance provider will detail the status of the claim in terms of its investigation, coverage, denial of coverage, etc.
  • Also, maintain records of emergency services including water extraction and restoration
  • Rely on a water damage contractor with the proper insurance and licensing
  • Take a close look at the contract to pinpoint your costs
  • In conclusion, do not rely on a water damage mitigation crew recommended by your insurance company as they have an inherent conflict of interest

Frequently asked questions

Some water damage occurs right away yet much of the damage occurs over time. Also, it might take days or possibly even several weeks for the entirety of the damage to manifest.

Water damage is caused by flooding resulting from storm damage, toilet overflows, sewage backups, clogged gutters, faulty HVAC units, plumbing problems, and leaking or burst pipes.

Unplug sources of power. Open the windows to air out space. If the flood is the result of a busted pipe or other plumbing problem, turn off the flow of water. Reach out to our Denver water damage restoration team as soon as possible.

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